Save $50 Off Your Furnace Clean and Check

$50 off your Furnace Clean & Check!

Maintain your Furnace or Boiler for longer life, safety, and the ability to spot problems before a furnace repair is necessary. Clean Furnaces save you money.

$50 off your Furnace Clean & Check

It doen't cost much for piece of mind in regards to your heating system. Has your furnace been making noises or blowing cold air? Are your utility bills high? Enjoy a discount on your Annual Furnace Clean and Check from Rescuetek Heating and Air Conditioning.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Prevent Breakdowns
  • Iliminate Safety Concerns
  • Increase System Lifespan
  • Increased Comfort

Furnace Clean & Check - What We Do

Every type of heating system is different so a set list won't due. Our furnace clean and check is a comprehensive heating unit check for safety and proper functional operation. We also do a basic cleaning of the unit. 

No Breakdown Gaurantee: When you have Rescuetek do your furnace clean and check and it subsequently breaks down, we return free of charge during the current heating season.

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