Money Saving Tips to start the Air Conditioning season

Money Saving Tips to start the Air Conditioning season

Author: Rescuetek Heating & AC March 1, 2021 Category: Air Conditioning

Hot and humid weather puts a toll on your air conditioning system, and we have tips on how to keep yours working efficiently and reliably throughout the cooling season. An improperly functioning air conditioner will draw more amps than it has too, and run longer thereby costing more to operate.


Rescuetek Heating & AC offers many services to help get your cooling system up and running at peak efficiency and extend the service life of your equipment. It's recommended to have annual AC maintenance for your air conditioner.

This article will help you get your ac unit ready for the upcoming cooling season. Depending on where you're located you should do these things just prior to the hot weather in your region.

Things You Can Do

Change or clean your filters in your furnace, air handler, and packaged AC system on a schedule. If you have disposable filters change them at a minimum of every three months. If it is extremely dirty at the three month interval then change them every two months. For those with EAC's "electronic air cleaners" you should clean the pre-filters every three months and chemically clean the cells, you can put them in the dishwasher but be careful not to damage the tiny fragile ionization wires. If you have a hybrid newer air filtration system refer to your instruction manuals on how to best care for these filtration systems.

Clean your AC condenser coil if possible without unit disassembly. We only  recommend that you clean your own condenser coil if it doesn't have louvers or it's cleanable with the louvers on, not many units with louvers are cleanable when assembled.

Evaporator coils should not need to be cleaned as it sits downstream of your filtration, or should. If your evaporator coil is plugged it's a clear indication that you have improper filtration and you should call a heating and cooling contractor to determine why and the cost to fix this issue. Plugged coils can cause evaporator freezing and your furnace to overheat drastically reducing it's lifespan. Condensate drains should be cleaned or replaced every 10 years to ensure proper drainage.

Call a Heating & Cooling Professional

Rescuetek Heating & AC can properly dis-assemble your air conditioner safely and clean the condenser coil. The services needed during an AC clean and check vary according to age. Below is a list of our recommended services to be performed during a clean and check.

  1. Remove the condenser fan assembly (top, but not always the top) and clean out the debris like leaves, pine needles etc.
  2. Clean the condenser coil with water and/or chemicals specifically designed for this purpose.
  3. Check the electrical system, contactors, capacitors, motors, and wiring.
  4. Check the refrigerant charge. Note "Freon" is a brand name and has been used to indicate refrigerant historically, but there are many manufacturers of refrigerant. Air conditioner in modern homes usually use the older R22 or the newer R410A. 

Rescuetek Heating & AC provides these services throughout the metropolitan Chicago area, schedule yours today by filling out our online form or calling today.

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