Choosing Your Next Air Conditioning Installation Contractor

Choosing Your Next Air Conditioning Installation Contractor

Author: Rescuetek Heating & AC March 15, 2021 Category: Air Conditioning

When you're ready to replace your air conditioning system, many options will be available from various sources like searches on your phone or computer, and advertising materials mailed to you. But like you many people after searching for an HVAC contractor inadvertently hired the wrong company and have lived to regret it. Here are some tips to selecting your next HVAC installation contractor.

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Do Your Homework

Yelp is one of the best sources for pissed off people, check the company on Yelp and remember no news is good news. Then go to google and check those reviews. You're looking for a pattern of bad reviews not a single or couple of bad reviews but many.

The BBB is a mediator between businesses and customers, you can check their website too, but its a annually paid membership ($500 starting) that is expecting a reply from a company if a complaint is made, It will be marked as resolved if a company merely responds to the complaint whether their right or wrong even if they didn't fix the issue. So just because a business has signed up with the BBB it doesn't make them a good HVAC contractor. Lastly you don't need to be signed up with the BBB to be listed, a customer can file a complaint about a company whether or not they are a member.

Every year many HVAC contracting start-ups go into business here in the Chicago area, a high percentage will fail and go out of business. Startups aren't necessarily a bad thing, some of those companies will do great work by experienced professionals and stay in business, every company started at some point, but the odds are against them.

Make sure the company you hire has general liability and workers compensation. If your home gets damaged in any way during the installation you want to be covered by general liability insurance and if a worker gets hurt on your property workers compensation covers there lost wages and not you! 

What Brand to Buy

Selecting the right brand air conditioner is important, but the craftsmanship and sizing is more important than the brand of equipment. You could take the highest quality air conditioner manufacturer brand and install it incorrectly and it will pre-maturely fail and can give you problems from the get go.

Sizing Your New Air Conditioner

The size of the equipment matters, oversizing air conditioning systems can cause the evaporator to ice up, especially when there is low outdoor ambient conditions, like at night after it cools outside and there is still heat and humidity that needs to be removed. The icing problem is even worse when the filter becomes dirty. Oversizing causes the temperature to drop quicker than the humidity level leaving your home or business making it uncomfortable. Under sizing air conditioners just won't work especially during high outdoor temperatures.

Quality of Installation

Not all contractors do the same thing on an air conditioner installation. Why do some installations last twenty years plus and others fail within ten years? Some contractors skip steps when installing air conditioning systems, like improper brazing techniques (no nitrogen purge), failure to pull a proper vacuum leaving behind non condensables, failure to address filtration issues present in an existing furnace or air handler installation causing the evaporator coil to plug.

Your electrical system might need to be upgraded if you have undersized wiring, old aluminum wires or damaged electrical components, or any code violations that present a fire hazard. 

What Do I Need When Installing a New Air Conditioning System?

What you need when installing an air conditioning system depends on a few factors. If your system is existing and it uses the old R22 refrigerant then you need at minimum an evaporator coil, condenser unit (the thing that's outside), and a flush kit to rid the existing line-set of the old oil and refrigerant. If your existing ac unit uses the newer R410 refrigerant and the outdoor condensing unit is bad you could possibly only change it (not recommended), but you must first assess whether your unit has been leaking refrigerant and If so it's best to change the evaporator and the condenser. 

Rescuetek Heating & AC offers quality installations at an affordable price. Call today for your next air conditioning installation or fill out the online form.

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